Top-Selling Promotional Tiki Mugs

  • Aug 5, 2020

Appeal to crowds by using these retro drinking glasses, cups and mugs as promo products!


Tiki mugs are cocktail cups that started popping up in tropical bars. Therefore, they are usually decorated with beach, nautical and Polynesian details and may feature fruit and/or umbrellas on top of them, as a finishing touch to a yummy drink.


The history, the distinct look and the versatility of these glasses make them a popular and nostalgic choice for bars, restaurants and collectors. Even those who do not sell or drink tropical-inspired cocktails can still turn to tiki mugs as a way to boost a business and draw in more customers.


Down below, some of the top-selling ones from Libation Promotions are listed out, which can all be customized with brands’ names and logos:


These Beachcomber Ceramic Tiki Mugs come in assorted colors and will make people feel like they are relaxing on a far-off island!

This 20-Ounce Tiki Cooler Glass’ crystal clear construction puts tropical mixes on full display.

This 16-Ounce Tiki Mug is made in the USA, available in 30 colors and comes with a matte or a gloss finish.

This Tiki Shot Glass is a small but effective tool that those in the libation and/or hospitality industry can utilize, when it comes to marketing themselves! 

This Tiki Stein Mug will hold any and all beverages and will surely be appreciated by fans and followers; sell it in-store, hand it out at events, or give it away through an online raffle.

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