Top 5 Promo Pizza Cutters

  • Apr 27, 2021

This fan-favorite food deserves such a handy that can be customized and promoted by your brand!


If Americans had to eat one food for the rest of their lives, the majority of them would opt for pizza. This is a popular and delicious classic, and it can be cut into slices or squares by a pizza cutter.


But how did this kitchen gadget come about?


Well, it was actually patented by David S. Morgan in 1892...for the use of cutting wallpapers. The rolling wheel and the one-handed control does seem like a good idea when papering a wall, and it is certainly a handy way to slice up a pie.


Your brand can turn to promotional pizza slicers as a way to:

--advertise to potential customers

--engage with your online audience through a giveaway

--show appreciation to clients via a gift

--welcome employees with a kit of fun tools and important items 

--encourage cooking at home with loved ones during a pandemic and beyond


Some examples include:

--Pizza Cutter With Bottle Opener

--Roma Pizza Cutter

--Studio Cuisine™ Pizza Cutter

--Slice & Serve Pizza Cutter

--BistroTek™ Pizza Rocker Cutter



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