The Popularity & Uses Of Tiki Mugs

  • May 11, 2021

These historical, popular and tropical glasses can show off your brand in a refreshing way.


The COVID-19 pandemic caused many businesses to have to close, but now, bars and restaurants are opening back up, just in time for cool drinks on a warm patio. And during this new time, a vintage trend is making a comeback: the tiki mug and the tiki bar. 


In Austin alone, for instance, a person can enjoy a tropical atmosphere and/or cocktail at popular places such as Hula Hut, Pool Burger and The Lost Lei. Many of the elaborate beverages at spots like this come in glasses that are, as Wine, Wit & Wisdom puts it, “more than a glass.” Some heavily focus on Polynesian idols. Some are made of glass, plastic or wood. And all of them make the experience more exciting. 


Tiki mugs have been around for many decades, with Forbes reporting on their emergence right after Prohibition. While other trends in the libation and hospitality industries have come and gone, this one has remained constant and has seen peaks during times such as the summer months, when new rums are introduced and the reopenings of bars.


That being said, brands can use tiki-inspired drinkware, in order to boost business and spread awareness. They can be given away and handed out to employees, fans, clients, followers and customers in the workplace, at trade shows, through direct mailing and via social media.


Plus, they can all be customized with your name and logo, including the examples below:


18 Oz. Tiki Ware Tumbler Mug

20 Oz. Tiki Cooler Glass

2 Oz. Tiki Shot Glass

 Find more custom-printed tiki mugs here


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