Happy National Drink Beer Day!

  • Aug 28, 2019

Celebrate this beverage industry and beverage-focused day with the following marketing ideas.


Each person who was allowed to drink in the U.S. consumed 26.5 gallons of beer/cider in 2018, and the beer industry sells more than $119.3 billion to U.S. consumers annually.


That being said, September 28 - National Drink Beer Day - is a big deal!


If you own a bar, make your own beverages, run a restaurant or manage a package store, you are going to want to take advantage of this celebration. As mentioned, this industry is a booming one, so think of the ways to showcase your product(s)/service(s) even more when this holiday rolls around - ways such as the following:


Run A Special On Buckets Of Beer

Selling one bottle of beer does earn a business money, but it would be better to sell whole buckets of them! A great Drink Beer Day promotion is to discount the price on beer buckets. People will get more for their dollars, and you can use imprinted ones like this to make your name/logo really stand out, as well.

National Drink Beer Day

Host A Beer Pong Tournament

Beer pong is a fun way for people to have an even better time while drinking, and it is a great marketing tool. You can charge participants a fee to enter into a tournament, you can use branded cups like these, and you can declare winners in the end, who can get free drinks, coupons or a trophy.

Drink Beer DayDrink Beer

Sell Koozies

No matter what industry you are in, your brand can sell (or even give away) koozies on this day. This will get people excited about this national holiday, earn them a cool piece of swag and get tons of eyes on you!

Beer Day

Offer Souvenir Glasses

Another way to make even more money and to promote your company even further on September 28 is to offer up souvenir glasses. When you sell drinks, have an option for it to come in a special cup, which will have your logo and which people can take home.

Beer Swag

There are many ways to market your product(s)/service(s) on certain holidays, so we hope you found these ideas useful. Find more promotional products here, and have a fun and safe National Drink Beer Day!


Source: NBWA


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