Earn Additional Income For Your Brewery With Branded BBQ Sauces & Rubs

  • Oct 1, 2020

These condiments and spices can be customized with your brand’s name and logo!


Everyone could use a little extra business and income, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Companies and organizations have had to get creative, coming up with new ways to make sales, raise funds and sell products/services. 


imprinted Seasoning SetFor those in the libation and hospitality industries, such as bars and breweries, consider getting some additional profits with branded barbecue sauces and rubs.


When it comes to a cold beer, a perfect pairing is some grilled or smoked wings or ribs, and these can be enhanced with condiments and spices. And these enhancements can be offered in-store, included with online purchases, given away through social media or mailed out to be enjoyed at home. 


For instance, this Wet/Dry Grilling Set comes with grilling sauces and dry rub, both in an attractive gift box.Wet Dry Grilling Set with logo


This Two-Pack Combo comes with hot sauce and dry rub, too, and there are options like habanero, garlic, lime and buffalo.


For those who just want rubs, there is this Seasoning Set, which offers flavors like sweet & smoky, steak & rib and Cajun and which features label imprints.


Another option is this Mini Grill Four-Pack, with five-ounce grilling sauces, all in a gift box. 



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