Best Branded Bar Items For Virtual Cocktail Hours

  • Mar 25, 2021

You may not be able to meet in-person for a drink, but you can still provide everyone with the tools they need for happy hour!


We have worked with dozens of companies on virtual happy hours the past few months alone.  Most have been wine events, so, of course, we offer branded wine glasses, corkscrews and wine toppers.


However, there are many ways that companies, associations, teams, groups and friends can go live for a cocktail happy hour! Those who are ready to have their own should consider these popular branded gifts:


First of all, those involved should be supplied with cocktail glasses. There are those specifically for an old fashioned, a martini, a moscow mule… and there are even dishwasher-safe glasses


To ensure everyone can join in from home, you will need to provide participants with their own shaker sets. This is a thoughtful and useful item that will come in handy during this time and beyond.


There are also little tools that could be beneficial during this time, such as muddlers, jiggers and strainers


The ultimate gift is a cocktail mix kit, which has everything needed for the perfect cocktail. Just add your favorite liquor, and you are set!


And finally, remember to keep areas nice and clean by providing everyone with coasters that can be used again and again. 



Any of these can be drop-shipped to each recipient's home or shipped in bulk, and they can all be customized with your brand’s name, colors and logo!

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