5 Creative Marketing Ideas For The Hospitality Industry

  • Jul 13, 2020

Market your club, bar, winery or similar company/organization with the following strategies!


Every brand in every industry must think creatively, in order to attract business and stand out from competitors. For the libation and hospitality industries, specifically, there are some unique and wise ways to draw in crowds and spread awareness about bars, wineries, vineyards, pubs, breweries, clubs and so on.


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ONE - Tastings 

wine tasting

First up, there are tastings, which are a great way to introduce a new product or collaborate with a similar brand. For instance, if your brewery is offering up a new beer, host an event that allows the public to come and try/buy it.

If you are, say, a club that does not produce its own alcoholic beverages, invite in those who do. This function can be held at your venue, to bring in business, and it will allow you to mix and mingle with others in your industry.


TWO - Ambassadors 

Many companies turn to brand ambassadors to increase their exposure. Usually, these are people who are interested in what you do and who have many social media followers; when they mention or post a photo of your product/service, all of their network will then hear about, see and learn about you, too!

THREE - Blogging

It can be hard to compete with all the other libation brands out there, but a blog is a smart place to start. Here, you can discuss industry and company-specific topics, and these published posts will help with your SEO.

Additionally, you can write guest blog posts for other websites and vice versa; have experts and influencers share their knowledge with your audience and introduce you to theirs!


FOUR - Advertising 

social media platforms

Advertising is a popular way to get your company or organization in front of more people, and there are a variety of methods out there. One top suggestion is online ads; from Google to Facebook and Instagram, the platforms you are probably already on can assist you even further. 


FIVE - Swag 


Everyone loves freebies, so a final marketing idea is to give out promotional products to your customers, fans, clients and followers. Browse through Libation Promotions to see trending items now!