10 Little-Known Facts About Muddlers

  • May 4, 2023

Cocktail muddlers have been around for years, helping professional and at-home bartenders create delicious drinks.


Baltique® Marrakesh Collection MuddlerThe mint julep. The lemon drop. The mezcal mule. So many popular beverages require one special bartender tool: the muddler. Many drinkers have seen it and possibly even used one, but what is a muddler’s purpose? What is muddlers’ history? And what types of cocktail muddlers exist?


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For those wanting to learn a little more about this cocktail tool, read on…


  1. The muddler is a tool used in mixology to mash or crush herbs, fruits, and other ingredients to release their essential oils and flavors. 
  2. The first recorded use of a muddler in cocktails dates back to the early 1800s in the United States. 
  3. The word muddle comes from the Old English word “mudelian,” which means to mix, confuse, or jumble. 
  4. While most muddlers are made of wood, they also come in metals and plastic.
  5. The shape of the muddler can vary, but most have a flat or slightly concave bottom to effectively muddle ingredients. 
  6. Muddling too hard or too long can release bitter flavors from ingredients like citrus peels and herbs, which can negatively affect the taste of the cocktail. 
  7. Some muddlers have a serrated edge on one end, which can be used to grate ingredients like ginger or nutmeg. 
  8. The use of a muddler in mixology is often associated with the creation of classic cocktails like the mojito and the old-custom cocktail multi toolfashioned. 
  9. In addition to cocktails, muddlers can be used in cooking to mash ingredients like garlic and ginger. 
  10. Muddlers are an essential tool for any home bar or professional mixologist, as they allow for the creation of complex and flavorful cocktails that cannot be achieved with simple stirring or shaking. 


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